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sponge tag!!!!!  Empty sponge tag!!!!!

Post  loudram on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:21 pm

hey everyone i got some new ideas for a minecraft game called sponge tag. this game was thought of by me. my plan is to start the game on the server and make it a minecraft tradition just like spleaf and blocky.
the way the game is played is simple. there is a wide arena which can fit up to 4 people. least amount of people playing must be 2. in this game 2 players play best 5, 3 players play best of 7, and 4 players play best of 9.
each round is a minute. the point of the game is to throw sponges at players and avoid collecting them.
at the end of a round. the winner will be the person with the least amount of sponges. also the winner in the next round starts with the redstone. there is only one piece of redstone and will be passed around during the game. if you end the round with the redstone. then you get 2 extra sponges from each player.(not good for you if you get it)in the first round. a referee will shoot the redstone from a dispenser any time during the first round.
1 problem with this game is you must ask an admin to give you sponges since they have been removed from the game.

the reason why i need the servers help is because of the arena that must be built to play in. i believe that this server can work together to make this arena.

please vote so i know if its a good idea

YES (i want to make this game)

NO (it stinks i don't like it)


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sponge tag!!!!!  Empty Re: sponge tag!!!!!

Post  iTzLyRiCzz on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:46 pm

I think its a pretty good idea =3

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sponge tag!!!!!  Empty Re: sponge tag!!!!!

Post  _JAPPIE_ on Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:29 pm

sounds realy easy.
espcecialy because you suck up items fro mpretty far.
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sponge tag!!!!!  Empty Re: sponge tag!!!!!

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