:D almost (fully) back :D

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:D almost (fully) back :D Empty :D almost (fully) back :D

Post  Tippy_Toe187 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:39 pm

ok heres the truth.
when I first entered connors realem of awesomness I was using my step dads pc. (mine kinda broke in a wierd creepy way) so anyways soon (I almost have enough money) I will be on for LONG periods of time! (you see my step dad is always busy so I am always kicked out of it -_-) So that means I will be twice as dedicated! And another thing to veterans, I see how you guys played 4 months 4 ur ranks. The reason why I begged was because I was working my (censored) off trying to always use my step dads comp. So my laptop= longer periods of play time. And I was just tryin to prove my dedication to the server. So I will try to play ''longer'' without begging 4 a rank. (again rlly srry bout that fellas) so yea... thas all... bye

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