How to install Planes mod + all SDK's

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How to install Planes mod + all SDK's

Post  ScottCollins on Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:24 am

1. Go to Google and type in planes mod. It should say Planes-Minecraft Forum. Click on that.
2. Scroll all the way down until you see a little bar with blue writing on it say ModLoader, ModLoaderMap, etc. download all of these because they are all up to date.
3. Go back to Google and type in sdk gun mod. It should say SDK's Mods- Minecraft Forum. Click on that. Then go down to the spoiler saying Download Beta 1.6.6 v2. open that and download all sdk's mods. (you don't have to do ModloaderMP again)
4.Now that you have your folders go to %appdata% Roaming .minecraft. In .minecraft you will see a folder called bin, open it. If you have Winrar, you will see a .rar file called minecraft, now open that. this is your minecraft .jar file. Go to your 1st modloader and open it with Winrar. Take all the files from there and put them in your minecraft.jar. doo the same for all the modloaders, audiomods, and turbomodelthingy.
5. Now to put in planes and guns. First deleate the META-INF folding in you minecraft.jar. Now in the planes mod you will open to a folder with a folder called jar files in it. open jar files with Winrar. Extract all the folders and files from that and put it in the minecraft.jar. Then there will be a folder called resources. open that and put the folder mod into the resource folder in your .minecraft. Then put planes.prop and planes.txt into the .minecraft.
6. Now for guns. When you open gun you will see a folder called minecraft open that with Winrar and put the folders and files inside that into the minecraft.jar. Then you will see a folder called resources. Open it and put the folder sdk in the resource file in the .minecraft. Then put all the mod_ files into .minecraft.
7. then start up and play


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Post  iLinik on Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:35 pm

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