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Post  PersondudeAlias on Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:06 pm

I am going to post this in three places. First: Ideas, Second: Clan Info, Third: Server,general.

The skull clan has gathered more than enough members, but people still want to join. Firstly, the skull clan is an RPG clan, and will explore, build, fight, etc... The skull clan will be sponsoring a community for RPG only players. (Craftville, the current skull clan base, is not an RPG community). RPG communities will only have RPGers RPGing. You can be banished from the community if you say anything out of character ((except when you use double quotes for OOC (out of character) but dont overuse OOC, or you will still be kicked out of the community)). If you are interested in becoming a part of the RPG communities (sponsored by the skull clan) go ahead and post here, or ask me in game... Better yet, do both!

The first RPG community will be a simple town (isolated from the rest of the people though) if you want to talk to someone outside the community, you must use [[double square brackets!]] if you just want to say something out of character (ooc) ((double parenthasies!)) if your character does an action, type /me (action) * this will display * (username) (action) *. The skull clan consists of only it's current members, Big_Daddy, crashingbmw, jonOssm, and persondude66. Please do not ask to join, from now on, it's invite only.

Go ahead and discuss:

(in the ideas section) ideas and suggestions for the RPG community

(in the clans section) questions about the clan itself, comments about the clan itself, and no asking about the clan...

(in the general section) Tell me how awesome i am, or really, dont post :\

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